Friday, February 20, 2009

Sushi and a Haircut - Two Bits!

Bit by bit, I feel like my trip is coming together. Although I want to have tons of time to just let things happen, there are certain things I plan on doing.

Bit One: In my "normal" life I have a fav place to sushi once a week; I found what looked like a fun sushi place in Paris and had an idea. I made up a page with info on both restaurants. I asked at my local place; would they be kind enough to write something in Japanese for me as an eccentric yet passionate intoduction.
So, check it out;

Bit Two: In my research, I discovered one thing that screams "I'm a tourist" is the haircut; so I decided to plan a French haircut. What to do? Where to go? Do I have to pay alot? Not to worry, one of the blogs I have been using to assess places to eat mentioned getting a haircut across the street from the restaurant he was reviewing. I used Google map street view and looked across the street; there was the name with prices posted (pretty resonable too!). Then I went to the French Yellow Pages; got the phone no. It's close to where I'm staying. I'm intoxicated with the plan (and how it came about); now we'll see about results. I will try to post on this while "in country".

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thanks to the Internet!

Three weeks until departure! Gleaned 22 pages of detailed notes. Amazing, the amount of help I have found on the internet; using 57 websites including 27 blogs; I need to say thanks so much to all; but a few I am using on a regular basis (they update more regularly) I wanted to single out;