Friday, February 20, 2009

Sushi and a Haircut - Two Bits!

Bit by bit, I feel like my trip is coming together. Although I want to have tons of time to just let things happen, there are certain things I plan on doing.

Bit One: In my "normal" life I have a fav place to sushi once a week; I found what looked like a fun sushi place in Paris and had an idea. I made up a page with info on both restaurants. I asked at my local place; would they be kind enough to write something in Japanese for me as an eccentric yet passionate intoduction.
So, check it out;

Bit Two: In my research, I discovered one thing that screams "I'm a tourist" is the haircut; so I decided to plan a French haircut. What to do? Where to go? Do I have to pay alot? Not to worry, one of the blogs I have been using to assess places to eat mentioned getting a haircut across the street from the restaurant he was reviewing. I used Google map street view and looked across the street; there was the name with prices posted (pretty resonable too!). Then I went to the French Yellow Pages; got the phone no. It's close to where I'm staying. I'm intoxicated with the plan (and how it came about); now we'll see about results. I will try to post on this while "in country".

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